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Operational Data Editing

Software malfunctions are the cause of operational data corruption. Regulatory restrictions prohibit the direct editing of Database files and require solutions that support field level auditing, undo/restore capabilities, File and Field level authority management, and data integrity rules to ensure that the solution does not become a new source of the problem.

    Integrated Data Management provides your organization with a fully compliant solution -

  • Automated import of external DB definitions
  • Automated generation of List/Form and Parent/Child data entry applications
  • Enhanced data integrity support by associating data elements to
  • Reference Tables
  • Validation rules
  • Business Logic exit programs
  • Full authorities management
  • Ability to enhance UI
  • A cross platform / cross organizational web application

Data structures also have a designated implementation such as a Database or Reference Table, Input or UI structure, and so on.

    This image illustrates the definition of a Database Table . Here are some important parameters:

  • Audit – Every change in data is monitored and stored in a separate Audit file.
  • Create Cobol Copy – Cobol structures are generated automatically, including 88 levels.
  • External DB – In order to access Database tables, they are assigned default parameters such as Connection String and Schema. It is also possible to assign other locations – and by setting the DBMS
  • parameter correctly, the proper syntax will be used, whether for MySQL, Oracle or DB2.