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Data Management

Starsoft can provide your organization with a solution for Integrated Data Management.

Integrated Data Management is based on a central repository for managing data elements and models, as well as Reference table content.

A Data model can then be implemented as a Database Table or Index on databases such as MySQL, Oracle and DB2.

Reference Tables are maintained via automatically generated applications, which provide data entry operations for the tables.

A data element definition can be enhanced with validation rules, to ensure data integrity.

If a data element has been associated to a Reference table, it will be automatically validate itself by the values of its Reference table, and will automatically display a multiple selection UI control containing those values.

Reference tables can be accessed via a common services interface.

Operational Date Editing

Software malfunctions are the cause of operational data corruption.

Regulatory restrictions prohibit the direct editing of Database files and require solutions that support field level auditing, undo/restore capabilities, File and Field level authority management, and data integrity rules to ensure that the solution does not become a new source of the problem.

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